Available Options for Goose Control

Over recent years we’ve waged an ongoing conflict with Canadian geese that appear to adore the yard at our lake house. We’ve attempted most of the possibilities to remove the geese some successfully and some not. Among those choices was decoys. We found that the successfully did not work for us and I believe I understand why. The successfully did not help in our scenario, although under different conditions I’ve heard great things about decoys.

You will find two issues with decoys. The first I believe is that geese are just plain stupid. This seems to be a problem with lots of the approaches we’ve attempted to remove the geese. They’re slow and do not learn immediately that a place is dangerous or inviting. With many creatures, if pursue off the several times they’ll learn to not come around. The message is n’t only got by geese. They’ll really get used to things that are made to scare them away. There are lots of narratives about geese management at airports where a load noise maker is set up by the airport to scare the geese away and after several weeks the geese get used to it and simply wander around next to they being ignored by the noise makers.

The second thing is that decoys are inactive. The noise usually do not move on their own and anything that does not move does not appear to exist to a goose. The truth is to be able to exist something must go towards the goose. This within my lawn has exhausted. They ignore me if the geese are on the coast line and if I go parallel to the coast. They ignore me if I go towards the in my yard but quite slowly. I need to move towards them vigorously so that you can make them go. Most decoys do not move and the geese do not charge.

Decoys come in two fundamental kinds – those that look like the ones that look like a competition and a predator. Mainly this means swan contours and dog shapes. A shape of a dog does not actually seam to mean anything although an actual dog would surely be a hindrance. The floating swan decoys make more sense, but finally the geese appear to rapidly learn these swans do not attack geese to protect their land the manner actual swans do. Additionally, and for this reason I believe they did not work for us, a swan (or a dog) that’s in the same place 24 hours a day does not enroll with the geese. I believe if I could have transferred the swan decoys daily or several times a day, and the swan decoy might have worked if the geese could have frightened a couple of times while the were nearby by transferring the decoy. But as I said this is a weekend house and we were not there enough to make that work.